Microvascular Surgery

Dr. Neeraj Upadhyay got training of Microvascular surgery at Ganga Hospital ,Coimbatore which is one of the finest center for this surgery.

Microvascular head and neck reconstruction is a technique for rebuilding the face and neck using blood vessels, bone and tissue, including muscle and skin from other parts of the body. The technique is one of the most advanced surgical options available for rehabilitating surgical defects that are caused by the removal of head and neck tumors.


Microvascular head and neck reconstruction is used to treat head and neck cancers, including those of the larynx and pharynx, oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws, calvarium, sinuses, tongue and skin. Cancer treatment usually involves some combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy — any of which can result in significant treatment-related side effects. Treatment of head and neck cancer can affect the appearance of the face and neck, as well as various functions, including: speech, sight, smell, swallowing and taste. Microvascular surgery is used to return the head, face and neck to as close to normal as is possible.


After surgery patients are often sedated for the first night, and awoken the morning following surgery. Patients typically spend two days in the intensive care unit, followed by an additional five to seven days in a regular hospital room before discharge. Patients will be assessed by physical therapy and in the event of extensive wound care or rehabilitation needs, they may be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital or be discharged with home nursing care.