The appearance of male genitalia is associated with the self-esteem and sexual identity of a man. The aesthetic surgery of the male genitalia aims in rectifying the defect of the male sex organ or the male genitalia which may become the cause of psychological distress. A man’s insight of his own genitalia implies a significant effect on his self-esteem and sexual life. However, to rectify or enhance certain conditions men can undergo aesthetic genital surgeries of the penis or the scrotum. The improvement and advancement of the cosmetic procedures had made changing the shape and size of the male genital possible.


Penile girth enhancement: The increase in the penile girth and length is somewhat majority of men wants to achieve. But achieving such results is not really that easy as it includes numerous complications and may also give rise to various deformities. To increase the penile girth autologous fat transfer can serve the purpose. The best part of the procedure is the availability of the fats and fewer chances of fat reabsorption by the body. However, the obtained results highly vary on the expertise of the surgeon and the technique applied.

Hidden or buried penis- A hidden, buried or concealed penis is what that appears partially obscured or completely hidden within the pubic skin, fat or scrotum. However, some of the people may have a normal corporal length but its functional activities and appearance are hindered. However, there are many causes that cause the penile skin deficiency such as chronic inflammation, obesity, weight loss, etc. The surgery for hidden penis is very successful and the results are improved penile visual and functional length that improves the chronic issues associated with a severe or hidden penis.

Scrotal Reduction- With age or due to other issues like congenital laxity of the skin symptoms like the enlarged or low-hanging scrotum may be seen among the patients which may lead to self-consciousness and discomfort or even skin irritation. A horizontal excision is made in the middle area of the upper scrotum that allows the removal of the excess scrotal skin. An asymmetrical excision may be performed on the lower scrotal skin for the unilateral scrotal enlargement. Care must be taken to preserve the results and avoid the complications associated.

A penoscrotal web correction- The procedure is performed by extending the scrotal skin up to the ventral surface of the penile shaft. This causes the loss of the definition of the penoscrotal angle and may also give rise to issues while intercourse. The penoscrotal webbing in most of the cases are congenital or may also cause the over resection of the ventral penile skin from circum-section.

Testicular implants- Testicular implants are particularly for men who lack it since birth or had one or both the testicles removed for various reasons. The implants are available in various shapes and sizes to match it with the other side. The adolescents are also eligible for the surgery but only after they reach the maturity and undergoes no further changes.

However, before undergoing any of the genital surgeries it is vital that you decide after gaining knowledge on the possible complications even though the chances are rare. So discuss all your aims and queries with your surgeon to get a satisfactory risk free result.


The skin lesions removal, such as lumps, cysts, hyperplastic glands and scars, is easily, fast and painlessly accomplished completing the excellent result in the area.

The surgery is done with topical anesthetic and lasts almost an hour. After surgery, sexual abstention is recommended for nearly one week. The area is rapidly healed and scars are practically indistinguishable.

The surgery results are expeditiously obvious and really impressive.