With weight gain, obesity, hormonal imbalance etc. an extra layer of fat is deposited under our chin, causing submental fullness. This double chin gives a rounder and swollen appearance to the entire facial profile. As we age, there is fat deposition around the lower face to the clavicular region. There is a loss of fat in the upper facial region and fat accumulation in the lower half visible as a double chin. Also, as there is poor blood and lymphatic circulation, it will make you look older.

The basic purpose of the chin surgery is to obtain a perfect shape suited to a person’s face. Depending on the current structure of the chin, it can be achieved in the following ways:

A). Chin Enhancement

The shape of the chin could be better achieved by moving the chin forward or backward. There is the possibility of adjustments made side to side, specifically in case of asymmetric chins. Depending on the person’s current chin shape, the enhancement procedure and its details are decided by Surgeon. As the name suggests, people with the issue of double chin can get it corrected by means of Chin surgery.

B). Double Chin Removal

The subjective case, as applicable, and its corresponding course of action are determined carefully by Surgeon to help his patients achieve that perfect shape and amazing look.


Chin augmentation surgery is typically done as an outpatient procedure, but some surgeons perform it in a hospital. It usually requires local anesthesia with IV sedation, though you may opt for general anesthesia if your situation and procedure are especially complex. The surgery takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

First, your surgeon makes a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth where the gum and lower lip meet, so that the scar won’t be too noticeable. They stretch the skin to create a pocket. As your surgeon inserts the implant, they’ll mold it around your chin bone. Once the implant is secured, your surgeon sutures the incision and bandages the chin with a dressing that remains in place for two to three days.